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Can you name the females featured in Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls?

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DescriptionNameYears alive, country
Mathematician1815-1852, United Kingdom
Supermodel1977-, Sudan
Cyclist1891-1959, Italy
Ballerina1921-, Cuba
President and scientist1959-, Mauritius
Aviator1897-1937, United States
Weightlifter1989-, United Arab Emirates
Inventor1997-, Canada
Journalist1958-2006, Russia
Painter1593-1653, Italy
Motocross racer1990-, United States
Writer1907-2002, Sweden
Politician1945-, Myanmar
Activist1995-, Niger
Director1962-, United States
Writersc.1816-c.1855, United Kingdom
Empress1729-1796, Russia
Mountaineersc.1968-, Bolivia
Partisan1922-2016, Italy
Pharaoh69-30BCE, Egypt
Fashion designer1883-1971, France
Poet and baker1889-1985, Brazil
Elementary school student2007-, United States
Queen1533-1603, United Kingdom
Activist and politician1979-, Mexico
Politician1919-1952, Argentina
Politician1973-, Somalia
Nurse1820-1910, United Kingdom
Painter1907-1954, Mexico
Computer scientist1906-1992, United States
Pirate1530-1603, Ireland
Freedom fighterc.1822-1913, United States
Pharaohc.1508-1458BCE, Egypt
Activist1880-1968, United States
DescriptionNameYears alive, country
Presidential candidate1947-, United States
Mathematician and philosopherc.370-415, Greece
War hero1910-2008, Poland
Writer1942-, Chile
Piratec.1640s-c.1660s, Haiti
Writer1775-1817, United Kingdom
Primatologist1934-, United Kingdom
Sailor1993-, Australia
Astronomer1944-, United States
Empressc.169-269, Japan
Rock star1958-, United States
Chef1912-2004, United States
Suffragette1847-1934, New Zealand
Queen and warrior1828-1858, India
Formula One racer1941-1992, Italy
Warriorc. late 1840s-1886, United States
Astronaut and doctor1956-, United States
Activist1997-, Pakistan
Women's rights activist1979-, Saudi Arabia
Computer Scientist1936-, United States
Prime minister1925-2013, United Kingdom
Astrophysicist1922-2013, Italy
Opera singer1923-1977, Greece
Physician and educator1870-1952, Italy
Archaeologist1903-1998, Germany
Naturalist1647-1717, Germany
Scientist1867-1934, Poland
Paleontologist1799-1847, United Kingdom
Surgeon1832-1919, United States
Boxer1983-, India
Doctor1859-1939, Mexico
Tattoo artist1877-1961, United States
Writer1928-2014, United States
Surfer1987-, Brazil
DescriptionNameYears alive, country
Trombonist1926-1999, United States
Ballerina1995-, Sierra Leone
Lawyer and first lady1964-, United States
Drummerc.1922-, Cuba
Activists1924-1960, 1926-1960, 1935-1960, 1925-2014, Dominican Republic
Activist and singer1932-2008, South Africa
Ballerina1982-, United States
Spy1912-2011, New Zealand
Queen1686-1733, Jamaica
Reporter1864-1922, United States
Geneticist1861-1912, United States
Singer1933-2003, United States
Spy1795-1817, Colombia
Scientist1909-2012, Italy
Activist1913-2005, United States
Supreme Court Justice1933-, United States
Explorer1900-1947, United States
Queenc.606-647, North Korea and South Korea
Tennis players1981-, 1980-, United States
Gymnast1997-, United States
Rapper1996-, Afghanistan
Marine biologist1935-, United States
Painter1898-1980, Poland
Writer1882-1941, United Kingdom
Astronomer1768-1797, China
Activist1940-2011, Kenya
Athlete1940-1994, United States
Orchestra conductor1973-, China
Warrior queen1840-1921, Ghana
Artist1933-, Japan
Swimmer1998-, Syria
Architect1950-2016, Iraq

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