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Can you name the Simpsons chalkboard gags?

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I will not instigate __________
I will not yell '____' in a crowded classroom
I will not encourage others to ___
___ is not a plaything
I will not pledge allegiance to ____
I will not hide behind the _____ _________
________ are not free speech
Nobody likes _______ ________
I will not torment the ___________ _____
I will not _____ others
I will not ____ unless I'm sick
I will not fake ________
A ____ is not an answer
Teacher is not a _____
I will not yell '____ ____' during roll call
The principal's ______ is not a frisbee
I will not call the principal '____ ____'
________ don't bounce
___ is not one of the 4 food groups
No one is interested in my __________
I am not ____________ _____
_____ ___________ are best left to the professionals
The Pledge of Allegiance does not end with '____ _____'
I will not send ____ through the mail
Adding '____ _______' doesn't make it okay to insult the principal
_______ _______ does not mean what I think it does
The ____ _____ ___ can only be pushed so far
'Bewitched' does not promote ________
No one wants to hear from my _______
______ _____ are not our cultural heritage
I will stop talking about the ______ ____ _______
I will not hide the teacher's ______
I no longer want my ___
'The _________ did it' is not an excuse
____ is not a verb
I will not surprise the ___________
I will only provide a _____ sample when asked
Making Milhouse ___ is not a science project
SpongeBob is not a _____________
The capital of Montana is not ______

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