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QUIZ: Can you name the Lifetime Movie (L) or Sweet Valley Book (S)??

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titleLifetime or Sweet Valley?
She's Too Young
Hard Choices
She Fought Alone
She's Not What She Seems
Ms. Quarterback
That Fatal Night
Regina's Legacy
Playing With Fire
Too Much In Love
Against the Odds
Killer Hair
Don't Go Home With John
Student Seduction
Nowhere to Run
Wrong Kind of Girl
Murder on the Line
Perfect Body
Alone in the Crowd
On the Run
The Morning After
The Secret of Hidden Lake
Dead at 17
The Killing Secret
For One Night
The Girl They Both Loved
A Kiss Before Dying
In Love With the Enemy
titleLifetime or Sweet Valley?
A Night to Remember
Mom, Dad, and Her
When Love Dies
A Secret Between Friends
Left at the Altar
Out of Reach
Please Forgive Me
A Stranger in the House
No One Would Tell
Terror in the Mall
Dangerous Love
Dying to Belong
Co-ed Call Girl
The Haunting of Sorority Row
The Perfect Girl
Odd Girl Out
Friends 'Til the End
Girl Fight
Death of a Cheerleader
Perfect Romance
Too Young to Marry
Kidnapped by the Cult!
The Truth About Jane
No Place to Hide
The Secret Life of Zoey
Lies of the Twins
Forbidden Love

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