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Forced Order
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While the masses passes upon their f***ing a**es, and if you don't see get glassesGrassroots
No I’ll not renounce my views, do what others doEvolver
You're all up in my mix like f***ing Betty Crocker311
For you, baby there's so much that I will do, to be near the sweetness on youFrom Chaos
I been trying to transmit a feeling, I been hoping you receive what I’m revealingEvolver
Let's think of all the good times, instead of wish we could timesGrassroots
Another detail just goes by, fallen into the abyss that has become your lifeEvolver
I'm free as I stare at the seaMusic
The jaded ones will wither while the optimistic growGrassroots
Breathe it on out, the in will come so freelyUplifter
In a minute, everything you have can all be straight goneGrassroots
Rifling through the pictures of you, I can finally tell they developed wellUplifter
Wish I had a clue, what rearranged our moleculesEvolver
Can't nobody do it like 311, f***ing up competition cuz there really is noneSoundsystem
Hey, we can rock it easy and lay it in the foldTransistor
I took it as a compliment, regardless what they meantEvolver
On bourbon alley feeling low, just because she let him goFrom Chaos
Everything you do comes back to you, whatever it may beMusic
Slow slow lover, rub you down, we don't want no one hurtingTransistor
S*** like that now scares me, but I'd like to do it againGrassroots
Yo P-Nut, beat that thingMusic
Feed that hunger, I crave it, I love it, I gave itGrassroots
You juice your f***ing friends like DraculaGrassroots
Groove as your soul sings, spinnin' all around as we dust a melodyMusic
I'm not quite sure what I find so appealing, about the happy hour stealingDon't Tread On Me
Why must I think of this until I find peace and quiet in the clouding of my mindDon't Tread On Me
Emotions are elasticEvolver
Brainstorm, keep me away from the normFrom Chaos
Well, stress is the enemy and not a friend to meMusic
If there’s a scream inside of you, just let it goDon't Tread On Me
What if I could just let my guard down, and go beyond into the great unknownUplifter
We're just two misfits that no one else getsUplifter
Stranger flowers yet, there will never come a day that I will ever regretGrassroots
Buddy, buddy, buddy, I know why you wander311
I use a simile lightly, cuz that s***'s played311
Cuz a person can’t win if you don’t even put up a fightDon't Tread On Me
Twilight zone, twilight zone, I'm floating in the dark aloneTransistor
This song started as a rant against hatersTransistor
You're about as lucky as a three-leaf cloverGrassroots
You got a wishing well within, that's ready to beginSoundsystem
The only thing that never gets old is honestyFrom Chaos
And if a person, place, or thing can deliver, I would quiver in delightFrom Chaos
All she wants is some breathing roomDon't Tread On Me
This life, an old place we face to live again, what is it to understand the hereafterGrassroots
Theres a land by the sand, grab the moneyTransistor
The fish who keeps on swimming is the first to chill upstreamMusic
I tell you money, there's other honeySoundsystem
I got a golden ticket, I'm not gonna even pick itMusic
Today seems like a good day to burn a bridge or twoTransistor
With the words slaying me slow, the verbs that just don't flowTransistor
There is a stone wall around your heart, nothing left now to do but to startUplifter
I will never understand you, when will I stop tryingFrom Chaos
Go away sun I'm not prepared for you todaySoundsystem
Glycerin tears don't fool meFrom Chaos
The word that I head was so absurd, I can't believe it slipped from my lipsTransistor
Everything I eat is from the earth, rightMusic
Light a candle for the dead, the wick is burning returning what we haveEvolver
It takes two to make a thing go right and that's trite311
Ooh, you draw such pictures in my headEvolver
Edification will take place, pull up the reins and get out of the raceMusic
The One Mr. Vegas, you know it ain't easySoundsystem
Become Jackson Pollack, airbrush Chinese dragonsTransistor
Keep my feet on the ground, keep my head in the clouds311
When did our leaders become bottom feedersDon't Tread On Me
Renegade soundsystem 311Transistor
There's no way to avoid listening, you'll always end up listeningSoundsystem
Sometimes I need reminding, regret is so blindingEvolver
Kick the f***in' heroin311
I want to do what's right, be kind to every single bodyTransistor
This song would still exist if no money was madeTransistor
Killing me a shot at a timeDon't Tread On Me
Trip the shrooms fantastic, s*** gets drastic311
To all my friends, it's not the end, the earth has not swallowed me yetMusic
A song, one song, could end a warUplifter
Mix a melody with some back chatGrassroots
I'm not from Philly, but some say I'm blunt311
6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons, is encoded in this plane we live onTransistor
I wish for surviving, but time, but time, it steals like a thiefDon't Tread On Me
So hard to believe part of me will fade, in the mystery in a future worldSoundsystem
I drink you in with a sip but I really want a chugUplifter
Everybody gets confused, delusions are everywhereFrom Chaos
I can't believe I fell for it, but did it againFrom Chaos
I will tell a cop that I know my f***ing rightsGrassroots
It's alright to feel good, it's alright for nothing to be wrongGrassroots
I know you’re thinking my love’s a gamble, and you’re not sure that you’re gonna win nowDon't Tread On Me
I'm full of rookie maneuvers and gestures meant to be grandUplifter
I feel you, whether in Jamaica or in the angel cityUplifter
Move forth the species by using our imaginationSoundsystem
Go tell it on a mountain, then again bring a friendMusic
You're a power spot rotating, ever changingTransistor
Ask me I’m not blind, I can read all the signsDon't Tread On Me
Some people live for the rules, I live for exceptionsFrom Chaos
Oh, in the comfort of strangers, you don't see the danger, of just letting it flowDon't Tread On Me
I am sly in the mix I am the mix masterMusic
I love it when the only sound that I hear is your infectious laughter311
I've one conclusion, it's not illusion, but it's creativityUplifter
You've got to trust your instincts and let go of regret311
Hey, don't break the mold kid, just eat around it311
Two score and five, we came aliveFrom Chaos
What makes you laugh, stand apart, makes you feel good, what's in your heartSoundsystem
But needles never ever love, what did you think ofTransistor
A paper trail, that prevails, in demystificationSoundsystem
We waste so many moments standing on conventionGrassroots
Wanna take it further, let's take that funk furtherTransistor
Golden buttered jam, golden buttered jam for your slamSoundsystem
Ooh, what else can I doTransistor
We're snatching bits of time that no one else can seem to findTransistor
The years of mischief, followed by weeks of thriftEvolver
Tell you what I like this moment of unity, when there's no distance in between you and meUplifter
Now I don't know you, you don't know meTransistor
People all over the world they must be thinkin', all the s*** that we kickin' our shoes must be stinkin'311
I got news for ya, it ain't nothing nice, we all got demons, we all got a viceSoundsystem
Clock is ticking, you're caught slippingFrom Chaos
I been known to roll like a seminole warriorUplifter
They say love is a stream that will find its own course311
But mean people, I say choke on it, gagging all the wayTransistor
What if the truth is that there is no truthEvolver
People sing about the coming of spring311

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