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Can you name who said these lines on Friday Night Lights?

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Mrs. Riggins works at The Landing Strip? Like Wednesdays or Fridays or…?Episode 7: Perfect Record
Well, nature already has meat. It’s called a cow.Episode 4: Keep Looking
These rally girls. And then I can kind of understand them, because everybody just wants to feel part of the team.Episode 3: The Right Hand of the Father
What brings you down here to the dungeon?Episode 9: Gut Check
Hey there, jailbird. Episode 12: Texas Whatever
It’s come to my attention that several of you have permanently scarred yourselves by branding your bodies with a—what the hell was it, a salad fork? Episode 6: Swerve
Did you know you don't have to lie to me?Episode 8: Fracture
If you are going to live in this house, there are rules, because we have been up half the night worried sick about you.Episode 2: On the Outside Looking In
We had a deal. I screw up my life. You fix yours. Episode 11: The March
I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to my lady.Episode 1: Expectations
Julie Taylor, will you marry me? Episode 13: Always
I wanted to let you know that having you as a coach has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. I don't know where I would be without you. Episode 10: Don't Go
You will not get the girl. You will not be written about in the paper. You will be lucky if your own parents remember your name. Episode 5: Kingdom

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