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Can you name who said these lines on Friday Night Lights?

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Mister, you need to think about relocating your butt up out of my way.Episode 11: Jumping the Gun
Crucifictorious, actually. It's not power metal. We're more of extreme grindcore with, like, heavy thrash influences.Episode 13: Humble Pie
In some situations, you need to ask yourself, WWRD? What would Riggins do in this situation?Episode 1: Last Days of Summer
In years to come, if it turns out daycare screwed her up, she's always got you for counseling.Episode 12: Who Do You Think You Are?
I don't like the way you're flirting with my mama, to be honest.Episode 6: How Did I Get Here?
I don't want to ever hear you say that again. Now, I've seen you play with a hangover many times and you played like a champ.Episode 3: Are You Ready for Friday Night?
That's right, honey. I'm your prize Guernsey.Episode 15: May the Best Man Win
And you know what, I like having another guy around, you know why? Because it evens up the gender teams. Sort of nice.Episode 10: There Goes the Neighborhood
My critique is that we're drawing a bunch of sad, stupid pictures of sad and stupid flowers. Oh, and I said b****.Episode 14: Leave No One Behind
Oh, honey. You are not using Jesus Christ our Lord as an excuse not to help out your counselor are you?Episode 7: Pantherama!
One time, I had a client who never threw anything away. She was crushed to death under a pile of newspapers.Episode 2: Bad Ideas
Four-six. Hey, look. I don't ever recall seeing you play in any of the games. I don't think you ever will, but I tell you the effort you put forth on practice days is undeniable.Episode 8: Seeing Other People
Do me a favor. Not now or ever again, I do not want to hear about you and Susan riding in the saddle.Episode 5: Let's Get It On
She just hit an eight-six, coach. Stacy should be hitting those double backs. She's been her own worst enemy all day. It's pretty bad.Episode 9: The Confession

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