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Can you name who said these lines on Friday Night Lights?

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Oh my god, we were gonna have sex tonight, and you didn't even clean the bottoms of your feet?Episode 17: I Think We Should Have Sex
You don't play for UT. You play Dillon Panther High School football.Episode 7: Homecoming
I'm hanging out with Tim Riggins. And he taught me everything there is to know about the game of football. And I doubled my skill level in just one afternoon.Episode 18: Extended Families
Don't look at me. I had my last hot flash in 1990.Episode 22: State
The last school counselor killed herself. Yeah, she killed herself. Pills, I think.Episode 3: Wind Sprints
One person fumbles the ball, we all fumble the ball! One person shows up half-drunk, we all show up half-drunk!Episode 1: Pilot
What the hell kind of a question is that? You're supposed to be helping me out here, Saracen.Episode 14: Upping the Ante
Oh my god! This has to end! If not for you, then for me. I love you. More than anything, I love you. My worst fear is to become you.Episode 13: Little Girl I Wanna Marry You
No, honey, something terrible must have happened.Episode 12: What to Do While You're Waiting
This ain't my home. This ain't my school. It never will be. I don't like the food here, the music, the weather.Episode 5: Git 'er Done
That's the kind of burden that you were born with, baby. The burden and the blessing.Episode 15: Blinders
I went to that book club meeting last night. I'm on 12 committees now.Episode 2: Eyes Wide Open
It's about, uh, a gal that, uh, named Scarlet,obviously.Episode 11: Nevermind
I think I might have been confused about what was right for the team and what was right.Episode 6: El Accidente
We're not going to state, and the whole town of Dillon hates you. You're never going to get laid your entire life.Episode 16: Black Eyes and Open Hearts
I think our little girl's in love.Episode 19: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
Singing to your grandma may be the one thing that gets you into Julie Taylor's funhouse.Episode 9: Full Hearts
I mean, if you wanna go home, I got a busy day, too. I can go home. I can pick up a paper. Check in on Oprah. Something wrong with Oprah, Saracen?Episode 20: Mud Bowl
My whole life I've been thinking about football. Football, football, football--that's all.Episode 8: Crossing the Line
I love my dad, but he's a sick, twisted individual.Episode 10: It's Different for Girls
Jason has my blessing, so if he tells you to jump off a cliff, I want you to jump off that cliff.Episode 21: Best Laid Plans
I think I told that kid to get our daughter in the backseat of a car.Episode 4: Who's Your Daddy

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