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With only 3 hints, can you name these Nickelodeon characters?

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HintAnswerName of Show
Friendly. Social. Has a knack for leaving clues.
Mean. Selfish. Irresponsible babysitter.
Hyperactive. Immature. Lives in a dam.
Overzealous. Conceited. Fails to take over the world.
Energetic. Accident-prone. Turns comic book pages for a living.
Geek. Writer. Has a knack for poetry.
Helpful. Wise. Wears a hat too small for his head.
Dim-wit. Happy go-lucky. Has a blue nose.
Timid. Neat. Works at a comic book store.
Silly. Hardworking. Wears a red tie.
Conflicted. Clumsy. Gained super powers from a lab accident.
Bossy. Loud. Carries a doll.
Modest. Daydreamer. Sometimes wears underwear over his shorts.
Smelly. Student. Scares children with his eyeballs.
Smart. Clumsy. Talented as a hockey goalie.

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