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Can you name the Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Trivia?

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What is the name of 'The Gangs' bar
How are Dennis and Dee related
Where did Dennis attend college
What is Mac's favorite jacket
Who does Charlie have a huge crush on
In High school what did all the students call Dee
'you will be _______ with your kitten mittens'
Who backs up into Charlie with their car
Who is Dennis and Dee's father
What does Mac's dad tell Charlie and Mac to smuggle into prison for him through their butts
Who are the two girls Dee tries to take out on the town and have a 'Sex in the City' night
What kind of card collection does Charlie have
Who does the gang put a wrestling show on for
Who does Mac and Dennis 'manhunt'
Who is the guy Dee is dating, that Dennis says is retarded
In the underground fighting days what name do they put Charlie down under when signing him up
Who holds the gang hostage with fake guns
What movie is the 'New kids from the block movie'
What new discrete way does Frank start to drink wine out of
In Charlie and Mac's eyes who is the most under rated actor of all time
What drug does Frank slip into Charlie's beer
What does Mac decide to buy at the pawn shop
What does Charlie name his play
Where does Frank get stuck while tripping on acid
Where do Mac and Charlie take the baby they found 'just to get a base'
What is Charlie's occupation at the bar
What in the bar did Mac think resembeled the Virgin Mary
Who does Frank waterboard to get information from
Who does Dennis marry in which he soon regrets
What is Mac looking for during his perfomance in the 'Nightman Cometh'
What must you throw at Gail the Snail to get rid of her
What mascot does Charlie always seem to dress up as
What Phillie does Mac have a crush on
Why is Mr.Kims microbrew better than 'The Gangs' microbrew
Which one of 'The Gang' has claimed they have never left Philadelphia
What is the greatest show on TV

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