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Can you name the vocab from lines 51-156 of the 1st book of the Aeneid?

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Forced Order
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LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Aura, -ae, f.
Caelum, Caeli, n.
Fuga, -ae, f.
Acuo, -ere, Acui, Acutus
Divus, -a, -um
Sidus, Sideris, n.
Dexter, Dext(e)ra, Dext(e)rum
Fatum, -i, n.
Incumbo, -ere, -cubui, -cubitus
Flo, -are, -avi, -atus
Tollo, Tollere, Sustuli, Sublatus
Imus, -a, -um
Genitor, Genitoris, m.
Fors, Fortis, f.
Navis, -is, f.
Telum, -i, n.
Ruo, Ruere, Rui, Ruitus
For, Fari, Fatus Sum
Poena, -ae, f.
Hic (adv)
Pectus, Pectoris, n.
Os, Oris, n.
Pontus, -i, m.
Nubes, Nubis, f.
Saevus, -a, -um
LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Fluctus, -us, m.
Immanis, -e
Remus, -i, m.
Pronus, -a, -um
Volvo, -ere, Volvi, Volutus
Ira, -ae, f.
Agmen, -minis, n.
Aequor, -oris
Numen, Numinis, n.
Unda, -ae, f.
Pelagus, -i, n.
Concilio, -are, -avi, -atus
Summus, -a, um
Cunctus, -a, -um
Refero, -ferre, -tuli, -latus
Talis, Tale
Puppis, -is, f.
Furo, -ere, Furui
Saxum, -i, n.
Regina, -ae, f.
Aio, Ais, Ait; Aiunt
Ater, Atra, Atrum
Moveo, -ere, Movi, Motus
Moles, Molis, f.
Vastus, -a, -um
Tabula, -ae, f.

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