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Forced Order
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LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Bellum, -i, n.
Res Publica, Rei Publicae, f.
Transeo, Trasire, Trasii (ivi), Trasiturus
Dux, Ducis, m.
Usque ad + acc.
Pro, prep. + abl.
Pateo, Patere, Patui
Condo, Condere, Condidi, Conditus
Universus, -a, -um
Flumen, Fluminis
Ingenium, -i, n.
Immanis, -is, -e
Clarus, -a, -um
Posco, Poscere, Poposci
Vinco, Vincere, Vici, Victus
Bellum Inferre, idiom + dat.
Apud, prep. + acc.
Aliqui, Aliquae, Aliquod
Postea, adv.
Consulatus, -us, m.
Dictator, Dictatoris, m.
Fugo, -are, -avi, atus
Patria, -ae, f.
Coepi, Coepisse, Copetus*
Socius, -i,m.
LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Evado, Evaderre, Evasi, Evasus
Impero, -are, -avi, -atus
Iniuria, -ae, f.
Tantum, adv.
Defero, Deferre, Detuli, Delatus
Genus, Generis, n.
Interficio, Interficere, Interfeci, Interfectus
Fere, adv.
Proelium, -i, n.
Populus, -i, m.
Inde, adv.
Exercitus, -us, m.
Fortuna, -ae, f.
Nobilitas, Nobilitatis, f.
Tutus, -a, -um
Appello, -ar, -avi, -atus
Bis, adv.
Quia, conj.
Contra, prep. + acc.
Coniuro, -are, -avi, -atus
Legio, Legionis, f.
Vacuus, -a, -um
Muto, -are, -avi, -atus
Fio, Fiere, Factus sum
Tres, Tres, Tria

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