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Can you name the Vocab from the Lines 1-50 of the 1st Book of the Aeneid?

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LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Terra, -ae, f.
Ara, -ae, f.
Regnum, -i, n.
Litus, -oris, n.
Arx, Arcis, f.
Sic (adv)
Flamma, -ae, f.
Totus, -a, -um
Hic, Haec, Hoc
Ruo, -ere, Rui, Ruitus
Deus, -i, m.
Classis, -is, f.
Fatum, -i, n.
Mens, Mentis, f.
Ipse, Ipsa, Ipsum
Maneo, -ere, Mansi, Mansus
Duco, -ere, Duxi, Ductus
Mare, -is, n.
Gens, Gentis, f.
Ago, Agere, Egi, Actus
LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Do, Dare, Dedi, Datus
Moenia, -ium,
Tendo, -ere, Tetendi, Tentus
Ora, -ae, f.
Primus, -a, -um
Troia, -ae, f.
Ignis, -is, m.
Altus, -a, -um
Audio, -ire, Audivi, Auditus
Venio, -ire, Veni, Ventus
Sanguis, Sanguinis, m.
Laetus, -a, -um
Erro, -are, -avi, -atus
Fero, Ferre, Tuli, Latus
Vinco, -ere, Vici, Victus
Ille, illa, illud
Bellum, -i, n.
Urbs, Urbis, f.
Arma, orum,
Pectus, Pectoris, n.
Velum, -i, n.
LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Ventus, -i, m.
Labor, Laboris, m.
Tellus, Telluris, f.
Coniunx, Coniugis, m.
Teneo, -ere, Tenui, Tentus
Ira, -ae, f.
Vis, Vis, f.
Antiquus, -a, -um
Hinc (adv)
Tantus, -a, -um
Honor, Honoris, m.
Superus, -a, -um
Casus, -us, m.
Vir, Viri, m.
Genus, Generis, n.
Servo, -are, -avi, -atus
Animus, -i, m.
Possum, Posse, Potui
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