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Can you name the Vocab from the 1st Catalinarian Oration?

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Forced Order
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LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Pateo, -ere, patui
Mora, -ae, f.
Totiens (adv)
Excludo, -cludere, clusi, clusus
Orbis, orbis, m.
Eodem (adv)
Taceo, -ere, tacui, tacitus
Nimium (adv)
Sino, sinere, sivi, situs
Statuo, -ere, statui, statutum
Vixdum (adv)
Metus, -us, m.
Placet, placere, placuit (imp)
Rogo (1st)
Ubinam gentium
Mane (adv)
Complures, compluria
Custos, custodis, m.f.
Pergo, -ere, perrexi, perrectum
Taeter, taetra, taetrum
LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Tandem (adv)
Paulum (adv)
Purgo (1st)
Hic (adv)
Exitium, -i, n.
Amentia, ae, f.
Sententia, -ae, f.
Apud (prep + acc)
Incendium, -i, n.
Lectus, -i, m.
Egredior, -i, egressus sum
Salus, salutis, f.
Ferrum, -i, n.
Deligo, -ere, -legi, -lectus
Pestis, pestis, f.
Exeo, -ire, -ii, -itus
Quidam, quaedam, quoddam
Saluto (1st)
Una (adv)
Orbis terrae (terrarum)

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