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Can you name the Vocab from the 1st Catilinarian Oration?

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Forced Order
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LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Occido, Occidere, Occidi, Occisum
Permitto, -ere, misi, missum
Oportet, Oportere, Oportuit
Vehemens, -entis
Acerbus, -a, -um
Os, Oris, n.
Fio, Fieri, Factus sum
Auctoritas, Auctoritatis, f.
An, conj.
Pestis, Pestis, f.
Se Iactare
Consilium, -i, n.
Quondam, adv.
Pontifex, Pontificis, m.
Immo, adv.
Pateo, Patere, Patui
Furor, Furoris, m.
Consilium Capere
Consularis, -is, -e
Vito (1st)
In + acc. of a person
Iacto (1st)
Novae Res,
Quisque, Quidque
Incendium, -i, n.
LatinEnglish TranslationAlternate Translations
Avus, -i, m.
Sentio, Sentire, Sensi, Sensum
Plebs, Plebis, f.
Num, adv.
Seditio, Seditionis, f.
Pridem, adv.
Vero, adv.
Orbis Terrae/Terrarum
Audacia, -ae, f.
Maiores, Maiorum, substantive
Perfero, -ferre, -tuli, -latum
Coniuratio, -ionis, f.
Decerno, -ere, Decrevi, Decretum
Convoco (1st)
Vasto (1st)
Usque, adv.
Supplicium, -i, n.
Liberi, Liberorum,
Studeo, Studere, Studui + dative
Consultum, -i, n.
Desum, Deesse, Defui + dative
Caedes, -is, f.
Ordo, Ordinis, m.
Etiam, adv.
Vultus, -us, m.

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