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Reason for going to war
Intrinsically; also, expensive restaurant in the Time Warner Center
Mutual back-scratching
'Behold the man'; usually the man is Jesus crowned with thorns
Cry of hopelessness; essay by Oscar Wilde
Furthest point; implicit warning said to be inscribed on the Pillars of Hercules
Unwelcome person
Indispensable quality
Starting at the beginning, like a newborn snake
Starting in the middle of things, like the Iliad or Paradise Lost
The Great Writ; literally 'you have the body'
Describes the Old South; Tara Plantation, for instance
Describes voluntary work for no pay, often by lawyers
Operating retroactively; in the U.S. this sort of law is theoretically prohibited by sections 9 and 10 of Article One of the Constitution
Don't say bad things about dead people

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