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Required by good taste
(Hopefully) scandalous novelized version of real-life people and events
Done deal
Blank check, complete discretion, get out jail free card, etc
Purists would say that it describes something of substance; the rest of us use it to describe the showpiece. Not that it can't mean both.
Why you get up in the morning; hopefully it is not sporcling. According to Nathan Arizona, for the FBI it's finding clues left by criminals and commies
Literally the stroke of mercy; death blow
The power behind the throne. Père Joseph, Cardinal Richelieu's private secretary, was the original
Act of God; good luck getting your insurance to cover it
Apocryphal right of the feudal lord to sleep with the bride of any vassal on her wedding night
Innocent surface meaning, lewd undertone
Wit of the staircase. If only you'd thought of it sooner,
The more things change...
To solve the problem, 'look for the woman'; also a disco song covered by Gloria Estefan
With privilege comes responsibility; your obligation to take of the little people
Such is life; that's just the way it is. Also a Chuck Berry song, covered by Bob Seger
How Idi Amin and Colonel Gaddafi assumed power
Only so-so; also, the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007
Love of life; often modified by 'irrepressible'

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