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ClueBeastM.O.M. Classification
Green serpent, chicken egg hatched beneath a toadXXXXX
Head of a man, body of a lion, tail of a scorpion, GreekXXXXX
Lion's head, goat's body, dragon's tail, bloodthirstyXXXXX
Hairy MacBoonXXXXX
Gigantic leopard with horrible breathXXXXX
10 pure-breeds, may interbreed, female larger than male, big beastsXXXXX
Humans tranform into this beast at full moonXXXXX
Tropical climates, like a black cloak, thinXXXXX
Eight-legged huge spider capable of human speechXXXXX
Three-headed serpentXXXX
Round bird, long and thin beak, very fastXXXX
Water demon, shapeshifter, usually horse with bulrushes for a mane, Loch Ness monsterXXXX
Large, greyish purple, humped back, two long and sharp horns, very aggressve, large feetXXXX
Human head, lion's body, intelligent, likes puzzles and riddlesXXXX
Reborn from the ashes, tears have healing powers, can carry heavy weightXXXX
Looks like a rhinoceros, horn contains deadly fluid, make things explodeXXXX
Giant oxen, golden hides, blood makes you strongXXXX
Under water, some beautiful, some ugly, speaks their own languageXXXX
Japanese water demon, like a monkey with fish scales, a hollow in the top of its headXXXX
Originally Scandinavian, strong, large, stupid, can be either Mountain, Forest or River typesXXXX
Foals are golden, turn silver before reaching maturity, pure white horse, avoid humans, silver bloodXXXX
A plume, two-legged winged creature with serpentine body, eggs of soft silverXXXX
Like a monkey with long, fine, silky silvery hair, large doleful black eyes, can turn itself invisibleXXXX
Originally German, elfish creatures, three feet high, eats childrenXXXX
Human head, torso and arms, joined to a horse's body, caplable of human speech, different colors, XXXX
ClueBeastM.O.M. Classification
Greek, front legs and head of a giant eagle, hind legs and body of a lion XXXX
Ash-coloured warthog in Africa, makes itself invisible, very dangerousXXXX
AKA Bigfoot, from Tibet, large, covered in white furXXXX
Many different breeds, like the Thestrals or GraniansXX-XXXX
Spherical, mottled fish with two long feet, lives on the bottom of lakesXXX
Goblins keep them as searchers for gold and treasure, gentle, affective, but destructive to belongings, XXX
Grey, furry-bodied, flying insect, produces melancholy-inducing tracleXXX
A thin, pale-grey serpent, glowing red eyes, comes out of any magical fireXXX
Like a Jack Russell terrier with forked tail, loyal to wizards, evil to MugglesXXX
Looks like a large tortoise, will jewelled shell, shoots flames from the rear when attackedXXX
Colourful, African bird, the song will make the listener go insaneXXX
Intelligent, small, cat-like creature, outsize ears, tail like a lion'sXXX
Silver-green lizard, can shrink at will, skin used for making money-bags which can shrink when a thief approachesXXX
Giant snail, changes colour every hour, burns everything over which it passesXXX
Dwarf-like creatures, in holes, battlefields, wherever human blood was spilledXXX
Minute human form, thick black hair, four arms, four legs, wings, sharp venomous teethXXX
Greenish fungus with eyes, infest houses, horrible stench, creeps under floorboardsXXX
Looks like a piece of dead wood, sharp teeth, finned paws, loves eating Mandrake plantsXXX
Like an overgrown ferret, can talk, eat gnomes, live undergroundXXX
Electric blue, eight inches, love practical jokes and tricks, mischievousXXX
Horse-like head, long and snakelike body, lives in the ocean, can be a hundred feet longXXX
Small lizard, feeds on flame, white, but looks like blue or scarlet depending on the fire. Survives up to six hours outside the fire if fed peppersXXX
Russian demon, almost foot tall, hairy body, smooth overxsized head, walks behind humans until the victim feels great dispair XXX
10 inches, comprising a rubbery sprout and venom sac. XXX
Head and forequarters of a horse, tail and hindquarters of a giant fish, from GreeceXXX
ClueBeastM.O.M. Classification
Like a hedgehog, but offended when offered food, destroys the garden plants and decorationsXXX
Head of a giant eagle, body of a horse, bow before you approach it, if he bows back you can continue, easily offendedXXX
Rat-like creature, its growth on the back looks like a sea anemone, when eated you can resist curses and jinxes but an overdose gives you purple ear hairXXX
Demons, on farms, stunted piglet with long legs, thick, stubby tail and narrow eyesXXX
Fish covered in spines, destroy the fishing nets for MugglesXXX
Irish, little green man that can talk, produces gold like substance that vanishes after a whileXXX
Like a huge lobster, if bitten you get very unlucky for a timeXXX
Tree-guardian, made of barks and twigs, small brown eyes, long sharp fingersXX
A small crab-like parasite, large fangs, may infest fur and feathers of some creaturesXX
Lives in trees, like a cross between monkey and frog, short horns, wide mouth, large pustule in the forehead, flashes in scarlet when alarmedXX
Sapphire-blue, insect, long thin sting, spins very quickly, if bitten you levitateXX
Garden pest, a foot high, large head, hard feet, swing it by its feed and throw it out of the gardenXX
Like a slimy, buck-toothed ogre, in attics or barns, eats spiders and moths, moans, throws objects sometimesXX
Tiny, blue bird, silent until it's time to die, long scream of everything it has heard but backwardsXX
Plump-bodied, fluffy-feathered, flightless bird, can vanish and reappear somewhere elseXX
A thin, mournful-looking bird, flies in rain, greenish black, very shy, low and throbbing cry difficult to bearXX
Very shy, emerges at full moon, when it performs complicated dances on its hindlegsXX
6-8 inches, dark brown or black, often near river-banks, eats insects, pushes and trips the unwaryXX
Popular pet. soft fur, humming noise when contented, very long tongue, eats bogies and anything it can getXX
Silver fish, guardian of seafarersXX
Small, decorative beast, little intelligence, little humanoid body, wingsXX
A horned, pale-green water demon, aggressive, eats fish, long fingers easy to break fromXX
Horse-guardian, covered in fur, large nose, cloven feet, small hands, two inches, eats grassXX
From Scandinavia, a fleshy, pinkish, mushroom with black bristles, spreads over the garden, eat earthwormsX
10 inches, thick and brown worm, moves very little, its mucus used to thicken potionsX

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