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Who is the father in the house
What is Mr Sheffield's profession
Who is Mr Sheffield's little brother
Who is Mr Sheffield's sister (NOT the half-sister)
Who was Mr Sheffield's first wife, the mother of his children
Who is the butler
Who is the companion of Mr Sheffield
Who is the Nanny
Who is the oldest daughter
Who is the son
Who is the youngest daughter
Who is the Nanny's best friend
Who is the Nanny's mother
Who is the Nanny's father
Who is the Nanny's sister
Who is the Nanny's grandmother on mum's side
Who does Yetta marry
Who is the therapist
In what city do they live
Which part of New York do the Nanny come from
Who was the Nanny's boyfriend in the first episode
What kind of shop did the Nanny work in first
What did the Nanny try to sell to the Sheffield in the first episode
What color was the make up bag
Where does the Nanny want her mother to move
What religion do the Nanny and her mother have
The actor who plays Maxwell
The actress who plays Fran Fine
The actor who plays Niles
The actress who plays C.C.
The actress who plays Val
The actress who plays Sylvia
The actress who plays Yetta
The actress who plays Maggie
The actor who plays Brighton
The actress who plays Gracie

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