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Can you name the common Icehockey penalties?

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A player that push the opponent violently into the boards while the opponent is facing the board
Hitting an opponent with the stick when it is held with two hands and no part of the stick is on the ice
Shooting the puck out of play, holding the puck in the hand etc.
Touching an opponent with the stick above shoulder-level
Grabbing the opponent's body, equipment or clothes with the hands or the stick
Hitting the opponent with a certain part of the arm
Using the stick as a hook to slow an opponent
Impeding an opponent that does not have the puck, or any player from the bench
Hitting an opponent with a certain part of the leg
Pushing and shoving after the whistle has blown or checking an opponent with the hands in his face
Swinging a stick at an opponent
Having more than 6 players (including the goalkeeper) involved in the game on the ice
Using a stick or one's body to trip an opponent
Arguing with a referee, making obscene gestures etc.
A penalty that leads to 2 or 4 minutes is called
A penalty that leads to 5 minutes is called
A player who receives this penalty will remain off ice for 10 minutes
A player who receives this penalty is ejected and must go to the dressing room, he is charged with ten minutes, but another player from the team will sit 5 minutes
A player who receives this penalty is ejected. He might have deliberately injured an opponent. He may face hearings and other penalties as well.
A scoring opportunity lost as a result of an infraction may lead to this. It can also be used to solve games that are tied after over time too.
This means that a team has more than two players in the penalty box. The third penalty will start when one of the two other expires

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