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Can you name the Albus Dumbledore facts?

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His full name (all 5 names required)
His dad (first name)
Prison where his father was killed
His mum (first name)
His brother (first name)
His sister (first name)
Town where he lived with his mum and siblings
His blood status
His phoenix' name
The house he was in at Hogwarts
His hair color in earlier days (before it turned grey/silver)
The shape of his glasses
His favorite jam
His wand in later years
His childhood friend, later duelled him (first and last name)
Prison where his friend was killed
His friend, the only known maker of the Philosopher's stone (first and last name)
What he taught (subject) before becoming headmaster
The headmaster right before Dumbledore (first and last name)
Object on which Harry first saw a picture of him, in the train
His four word speech in the Great Hall, Harry's first year
One of the passwords to his office (in Harry's second year), sweets that he liked
Dumbledore's contribution for protecting the Philosopher's Stone
The horcrux he destroyed
What was inside the Gaunt ring, a deathly hallow
This hand was injured in Harry's 6th year (left or right?)
What his greatest desire was (as he told Harry)
What he used to detect people who were invisible, even under the invisibility cloak (wandless, nonverbal spell)
A language he was able to speak with the Merpeople
A language he was able to speak with the Goblins
A language he recognised, although he didn't speak it
His last words
The wizard who killed Albus (first and last name)
The wizard who wrote his obituary (first and last name)
The color of his tomb
He discovered the 12 uses of ---
Rita Skeeter's book about him
He became Chief Warlock of the ---
He was Supreme Mugwump of the ---
He held the ---, first class, for Grand Sorcery

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