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Forced Order
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This legalized a federal income tax
This was another name for TR's 1912 progressive party
These brothers built cheap suburban homes built after WWII
This was Dr. King's peaceful civil rights activist group
This law completely changed the way government officials got their jobs
First televised presidential debates (year)
He was never elected to the executive branch but stilled pardoned Richard Nixon
He was Nixon's chief foreign policy advisor
Relief, Recovery, and
This is when an company controls every aspect of production
Hoover helped to create this government corporation to keep financial institutions from collapsing
This note proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico.
speak softly and carry a big stick
closest the United States came to Nuclear War
'government is not the solution to our problems. government is the problem'
The first billion dollar corporation
Journalists that TR accused of having excessive zeal
He was TR's point man on conservation until he was fired by Taft
This law was more formally called the servicemen's readjustment act
initiative, referendum...
return to normalcy
This scandal soiled the last years of Reagan's presidency
75 years before the Spice Girls broke, this amendment led to some real girl power
This law was the response the Soviet launch of Sputnik
THis amendment outlawed the production and sale of alcohol in the US
First government agency that attempted to attack monopolies.
The most active legislative start to a presidency in American History
The US forced these amendments into the Cuban Constitution
He was the 44th president?
He sent military advisors to Vietnam before he was killed
The hostage crisis in this country had terrible impact on Carter's presidency
The controversial publication of these secret documents shook the America's faith in its government
Remember this!
His promise to add 'no new taxes' backfired on him and lead to Bill Clinton's victory
This robber barron cornered the steel market before selling off his company and building libraries
The wizard of oz election
Name one member of the big four
He prayed for guidance before asking for a declaration of war against Spain
he was the Kingfish that wanted to make every man a king
The 2nd atomic bomb used in war was dropped here
He was crucified on a cross of gold
Hoover's removal of this group from Washington DC was a public relations nightmare.
He was a Filipino freedom fighter
This law changed the banking industry to make currency more elastic
TR sent this around the world to impress foreign countries
He was president when the Berlin Wall came down
This scandal involved the leasing of government land to private interests
although he lost in 1964 many point to his candidacy as the beginning of the modern conservative movement
One of the reasons for the breakdown between the US and Japan was over Japan's actions in this country
Upton Sinclair
This agreement gave Hitler the Sudentenland and convinced all of Europe that there would be 'peace in our time'
This was the most controversial New Deal project because it involved government run utilities (Socialism)
This energy and human rights minded president was able to capitalize on his status as a washington outsider
2nd president to be impeached
First woman appointed to the Supreme Court
Direct election of Senators
This foreign policy term focused solely on issues of POWER when determining foreign policy
this form of journalism helped bring the united states to war with spain
Leader of communist forces in Vietnam
Believed in the ability of the talented 10th
This was the most popular New Deal Agency
chose not to seek reelection in 1968
This Vietnamese celebration was used to surprise the United States in 1968
He wrote de letter
Carter achieved temporary peace in the Middle East when he was able to help broker this peace agreement between Israel and Egypt
this speech and dog kept Nixon on the ticket in 1952
This was a secret meeting between Churchill and FDR off the coast of New Foundland. It was similar in many ways to Wilson's 14 points
This case/decision legalized seperate but equal facilities
He led the senate opposition to the Treaty of Versailles
He was fired for insubordination because he publicly disagreed about how to carry out the war in Korea
Kennedy's approach to the defense against the Soviet Union
This legislation gave LBJ a blank check to wage war in Vietnam
He was a controversial and active Supreme Court Chief Justice
After ending the Korean War he had to deal with Sputnik and integration
This happened twice in American history following wars when the threat of communism freaked out Americans
this program brought Mexican workers across the border to work in the American Southwest
This system was implemented in the 1920's to determine immigration
Many students joined this activist civil rights movement
He ran for president as a socialist
Wilson's plan for peace was known as this
This plan gave 12.5 billion dollars in economic aid to help rebuild Europe and prevent the spread of communism
He impemented the containment policy when dealing with the Soviet Union
'We have nothing to fear but fear itself'
He was aided by the split in the Republican Party in 1912
Sherman with teeth
Corporation, Consumer Protection, and

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