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Can you name the number of acting Oscars - None, One, or More - won by each person?

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NameNone, One, or More?
Ava Gardner
Angela Lansbury
James Caan
Katharine Hepburn
Robert De Niro
Russell Crowe
Judi Dench
Helen Mirren
Tommy Lee Jones
Anne Hathaway
Hilary Swank
Ingrid Bergman
Julianne Moore
Morgan Freeman
Jodie Foster
Jack Nicholson
Jack Lemmon
Christopher Walken
Denzel Washington
Daniel Day-Lewis
Cate Blanchett
Susan Sarandon
Jeff Bridges
Angelina Jolie
Gene Hackman
NameNone, One, or More?
Elizabeth Taylor
George Clooney
Maggie Smith
Matt Damon
Jessica Lange
Paul Newman
Cloris Leachman
Tom Hanks
John Malkovich
Michael Caine
Christoph Waltz
Judy Garland
Leonardo DiCaprio
Annette Bening
Ian McKellen
Sean Connery
Bette Davis
Sean Penn
Peter O'Toole
Albert Finney
Goldie Hawn
Glenn Close
Kate Winslet
Sigourney Weaver
Audrey Hepburn
NameNone, One, or More?
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Marlon Brando
Kevin Spacey
Jude Law
Meryl Streep
Nicolas Cage
Gary Oldman
Joan Crawford
Anthony Hopkins
Laura Linney
Warren Beatty
Sally Field
Gary Cooper
Al Pacino
Robin Williams
Spencer Tracy
James Stewart
Stanley Tucci
Kenneth Branagh
Jane Fonda
Winona Ryder
Dustin Hoffman
Cary Grant
Peter Falk

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