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Can you name the trivia from Dan Brown's Angels & Demons?

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main character, Harvard symbologist
daughter of murdered CERN scientist
the late Pope's camerlengo
commandant of the Swiss Guard
director of CERN
Dean of the College of Cardianals, and eventual Pope
What BBC reporter was covering conclave?
What sculptor designed the main four statues mentioned?
What body part was removed from Leonardo Vetra?
A canister of what was stolen from CERN?
Where are the CERN headquarters located?
What group was blamed with stealing the canister and kidnapping the Cardinals?
What was the style of lettering was used on the brands?
The First Brand
The Second Brand
The Third Brand
The Fourth Brand
Where is the canister found?
Who was the Camerlengo's father?
How did the Pope really die?
'The path of light is laid, the sacred test, let _____ guide you on your lofty quest'
What work of Galileo pointed to the first location on the Path of Illumination?

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