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QUIZ: Can you name the non-mainstream Broadway?

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I've been standing for days with a phone in my hand like an idiot scared to death (Shiksa G-ddess)
Son of steal and daughter of air (Superboy and the invisible girl)
When the one thing you want is the only thing out of your reach (Agony)
I do, I do in the sky
But Freddie's getting ready now to give his life a lift (Great Big Stuff)
I want to live not just survive (Live in living colors)
Back to witches and wizards (Goin' Back to Hogwarts)
By your side and deep within your heart (I'll be there)
Come along now let us have a smile (To the Lifeboats)
They always bow down to the g-dess (At Seventeen)
I'll remember it forever (Something Just Broke)
Not to near, not to far (The Gypsy in Me)
Except the feeling that this bullshit was absurd (Nothing)
And we fear the bell (Why We Like Spelling)
Every fiber of my being is displayed (My Strongest Suit)
Like a dimmer switch on low (Turn it Off)
Everything is coming around (Rose's Turn)
No way to handle things (Mama who Bore Me)
A Bushel and Peck
What ever happened to my part (Diva's Lament)

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