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Who was the fattest President at 332lbs
Which President could write with both hands at the same time-- in different languages?
Who was the shortest President at 5'4?
Who is the only President to be buried in Washington?
Which President was related to 11 different presidents?
Which President got stuck in the white house Bath tub the first time he used it?
Who is the only President that never married?
Who was the President during WWI?
Which President dreamed of becoming a stage performer?
Which President gave women the right to vote? (19th amendment)
Which President spoke Chinese to his wife to keep their conversation secret?
Which President served the shortest term?
Who was the youngest Presidents to serve in office?
Who was the first President to live in the White House?
What was the first party in the White House?
Which President was fined $20 for speeding with his horse and carriage?
Who was the first President to ride a train?
Which President won by one electoral vote? (1876)
How many Presidents have we had?
Who was the first President not to be born a British subject?
Who was the first President to be impeached?
Who is the only President to serve two non consecutive terms?

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