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Can you name the antebellum presidents?

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Forced Order
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Which president...President
Led opposition to the Mexican-American War
Probably could have stopped war in 1860
Pushed a moderate tariff
Recognized the LeCompton Constitution
Had line-item veto power
Signed Compromise of 1850
Defeated the Mexicans at San Jacinto
Leader of the 'Free Soil' party
Defeated Mexico at Monterrey and Buena Vista
President when S.C. seceded
Which president...President
The 'Do-Nothing' president
Annexed Texas
Supported Independent Treasury
Rejected the Crittenden Compromise 2nd
Campaigned on Mexican-American War
Won a minority of the popular vote
Gave address confirming gold in California
Oversaw Gadsden Purchase
Declined to Annex Texas
Died in office under suspicious circumstances

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