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Jefferson Davis was the only president with line-item veto power.
The American Anti-Slavery Society wanted to send freed slaves to Africa.
Transcendentalists supported John Brown's actions.
The California Gold Rush led to new inventions.
Hinton Helper's book's importance was similar to that of the Grimke Sisters.
Grant Sherman was a northern general in the civil war.
The Whig party fell apart after losing the election of 1856.
Taylor led the US army at Vera Cruz and Mex. City
John Crittenden followed in Clay's footsteps and saved the union with a compromise.
The south was heavily impacted by the Crash of 1857.
The US paid $10M for the Mexican Cession territories.
Douglas lost support of the southern Democrats due to a statement made in his debates with Lincoln.
Republicans supported the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
The Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed the Missouri Compromise.
3 states seceded immediately after Lincoln was elected.
Overspeculation in railroad stocks was a cause of the Crash of 1857.
Nat Turner's rebellion led to southern states considering emancipation.
The House of Representatives passed the Wilmot Proviso.
Abolitionists supported Webster's '7th of March' speech.
Congress forbade themselves to talk about slavery.

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