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Can you name the metroid prime upgrades

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first wepon you get
shoots electricity
shoots ice
shoots fire
uses highly condensed _____
uses busts of dark energy
shoots bursts of light
uses both light and dark energy
a green beam in metroid prime three
once your suit malfuncions you get the __________
original suit
allows free movement underwater and better vision
you get this after the omega pirate
a suit that lessens damage in dark aether
a suit that allows no damage taken from dark aether atmospere
after the mission on norian
allows you to swing across gaps
allows you to pull stuff apart in metroid prime 3
missle combo to wave beam
missle combo to plasma beam
missle combo to power beam
allows you to use multiple missles at once
allows you to transfer planetary energy
allows use of missles
extremely powerful morph ball bomb
allows you to travel more than two jumps and can damage enemies
allows travel on magnetic rails
allows faster morph ball travel
allows double jump
missle combo to ice beam
allows you to see heat signitures
allows you to see chozo ghosts and other stuff
missle combo to dark beam
missle combo to light beam
allows you to see dark energy
allows you to see sound waves
missle combo to annihilator beam
combo of ice beam and missles in mp3
allows your ship to use missles
you get after mogenar
allows your ship to use the grapple beam
this is what you get after helios
allows you to drain or put energy while grapple lassoing
get after omega ridely
allows better movement in water in mp2
allows protection in the hostile environment of the pirate homeworlds
allows a more powerful attack but you need to charge it first

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