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ice type legendary bird
electric legendary bird
fire type legendary bird
creator of all pokemon
created by team rocket by using the DNA of another legendary pokemon
water type legendary beast
fire type legendary beast
electric type legendary beast
fire type legendary bird with rainbow wings
water type legendary in soul silver
grass type legendary that can travel through time
ice type legendary golom
rock type legendary golom
steel type legendary golom
normal type legendary golom in Gen 4
red flying Gen 3 legendary
blue flying gen three legandary
controller of land
controller of water
controller of weather and stopped the fighting of the two hoenn legendary pokemon
allows the trainer to grant a wish
created from the virus of a meteorite
embodiment of knowledge (lake guardian near 7th gym)
embodiment of emotion (lake guardian near home town
embodiment of will power
controller of time
controller of space
controller of the distortion world
aspect of the full moon and brings good dreams
aspect of the new moon and brings bad dreams
the sea guardian
created by a ditto and a certain legendary pokemon
found at stark mountain
two formed grass mouse
creator of all pokemon through gen 4

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