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the process of particles moving from high to low concentrationoccurs in gas exchange in the lungs
the process of creating an identical cell in humans
the process of splitting dna to make a cell gamate
this blood vessel is one cell thick
this blood vessel is very thick
this blood vessel has vaulves
which hormone controls plant growth
how many bases in DNA make an amino acid
which letter pairs with C in DNA
which letter pairs with T
an unfertilised egg is adiploid haploid zygot
hydrogen is an
sodium chloride is a
all the elements in group 1 are
all the elements in group 7 are
all the elements in group 8 are
electrons have a ...... charge
neutrons have a ...... charge
protons have a ...... charge
coper compounds have a ... colouring
the common name for sodium chloride is
very cold metals can become
A person runs at a speed of 6m/s for 20s. How far does the runner travel?
At what speed does a motorbike travel when it covers 200km in 4 hours?

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