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Episode ClueEpisode Name
'I've been replaced by a box.'
Dropping like flies.
'Margaret, have you put a cat in our freezer?'
Monster-Raving Loony Party.
'I put my back out... at Doreen's. I should have known I wasn't up to it.'
Indian Python.
'Your house has been demolished.
Kylie the tortoise.
Bergerac party.
Bendy dinosaurs.
Attacked by midgets.
'I could open last year's Christmas present from Ronnie and Mildred.'
Dunne Hill.
Margaret's nightmare.
'I'll go out tomorrow and get a parrot.'
'We'll have to EAT Mrs. Warboys.'
'I don't like the way Mrs. Stebbins' TV ariel keeps grinning at me!'
'God, spare us a visit from Ronnie and Mildred and their tin of assorted biscuits.'
Dachshund telephone.
Emotionally-disturbed girl.
Victor, Jean and a bag of cement.
Episode ClueEpisode Name
'I always think there's nothing worse than...'
'Dear Alfred. Sorry I haven't written sooner but it is all go at this end.'
Victor the lollipop man.
The Laughing Policeman.
'Pretty good for drying out wallpaper perhaps, but not for his little tummy!'
'It's called trust, Millicent. You should try looking it up in the dictionary sometime; it's next to trollope.'
'Assault with a coconut meringue?!'
Marionette and pelican.
LEWI5 1, 2 and 3.
'It's not meant to be anything; it's abstract.'
'Unless it's got something to do with being a vampire?'
Courgette in the doorframe.
Power cut.
Patrick's twin brother.
Dangerous driver.
263 garden gnomes.
Pippa loses her job, license and baby.
The Man in the Shed.

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