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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about the current UK Prime Minister?

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Full name
Born in this year
Alma mater
First name of his wife
Political party
Descendant of this King
Served as a special advisor to this Chancellor
Contested this constituency in 1997
Became an MP for this constituency in 2001
When standing for his party's leadership in 2005 he held this posiition in the Shadow Cabinet
In the second round of the leadership contest, he defeated this more experienced candidate by a heavy margin
This political veteran compared Cameron to Pol Pot
He formed a coaliton with this party after his failed to win a majority in the 2010 general election
Succeeded this man as Prime Minister
His Chancellor of the Exchequer
Agreed to an independence referendum in this country of the UK
Students protested in late 2010 over a rise in these
Alienated many in his party by supporting this socially liberal reform
The Speaker of the House of Commons who Cameron has occasionally clashed with

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