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Forced Order
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Name A Hamilton Song WhereSong NameExtra Info
The duration is under 90 seconds (Act 1)
The phrase 'Diamond in the rough' is said
Jesus is mentioned
The Bill of Rights is mentioned
A Southern state other than Virginia is mentioned
The first word spoken is a year
The first words are, 'How does a,' not including the song Alexander Hamilton
A section is in 7/8 time
The phrase, 'history has its eyes on you' is used, not including the song with the same name
The death of Hamilton's mother is brought up
Martha Washington is named
Beauty and the Beast and Shakespeare are quoted simultaneously
Wall Street is brought up
The duration is over 5 minutes
A character named Philip is mentioned but does not speak (Act 1)
Name A Hamilton Song WhereSong NameExtra Info
The song title is not ever spoken in the actual song
Hamilton is compared to a tomcat
The creation of the Coast Guard is brought up
The TV show Parks and Recreation is payed homage to
A king other than King George is named
Peggy speaks or is mentioned
A fatal duel takes place
President Madison's first name is used
Kings College is mentioned
Richard Howe's name is spoken
The phrase, 'blow us all away' is used, not including the song with the same name
The Constitutional Convention/Congress is referenced
Lafayette is mentioned (Act 2)
The duration is under 90 seconds (Act 2)
The Declaration of Independence is quoted

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