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Created by Mikhail Kalashnakov in 1947
First Semiautomatic Rifle to be adopted as standard service rifle for a nation
Developed in the 1950s by Eugene Stoner
Longest serving small arm in U.S. history
Small arm designed during WW2 that was intended for rear eschelon troops to replace rifles and pistols
The gun that made the '20s roar
Also created by Mikhail Kalashnikov, and still in use today
Made of Porcelain, and costs more than you make in a month
Current service rifle for the US armed forces
Originally adopted in 1918, it was America's first LMG.
Popular WW2 English LMG that took its name from 2 different companies
WW2 German sidearm that replaced the venerable Luger P08
Perhaps the most popular pump action shotgun ever produced
Current issue U.S. sidearm
First fielded in 1977, this configured rifle is the Austrian Army's standard issue rifle
The gun Al Pacino used in HEAT
America's first true Machinegun, developed by John Moses Browning before 1900.
The first 'true' Machinegun. Developed in the 1880s
Even though it was adopted, this WW2 SMG was produced in very limited quantities and supposedly never saw combat
Standard issue rifle of Germany during WW2
First GPMG in America's arsenal
John Browning's greatest legacy. Served the US for more than 80 years, and is perhaps the most popular pistol ever designed.
Adopted in 1994, this gun was Americas first type classified carbine since WW2
First saw action during WW1, this gun fired for over 48 minutes continuously without stoppage.
American service rifle adopted in 1957
Pistol manufactured by Colt that beat out the Schofield for U.S. Contracts.
HK SMG that is the most widely used SMG in world history
Current U.S. issue pump shotgun
'Burp Gun'
WW2 Axis 7.92x57mm MG that had an extremely fast rate of fire.
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