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SongsArtistTour Appearances
Die for Your Government, Underground Network9
Welcome to My Life, Jet Lag9
Revolution, Bro Hymn8
All my Best Friends are Metalheads, Overrated8
Everything is Alright, The Worst is Yet to Come8
Linoleum, The Quitter7
Reincarnate, A-M-E-R-I-C-A7
Drunken Lullabies, If I Ever Leave This World Alive7
Hopeless Romantic, Kid6
Punk Rock 101, 19856
The Ripper, The Taste of Ink6
Urban Struggle, Anarchy Burger6
Fire, Dormitory6
Fat Lip, The Hell Song6
My Heroine, Smile in Your Sleep6
Beer, Sell Out6
Ocean Avenue, Lights and Sounds6
SongsArtistTour Appearances
Ole Fishlips is Dead Now, Caves6
We're Wolf, The New Black6
Supersonic, American Jesus6
Shining On, My Girlfriend's on Drugs6
Tell Me Why, Every Night's Another Story5
Eulogy, Fred's Got Slacks5
Suck My Lollipop, Could of Tried5
Let's Start a Rap War, Chiquita5
Miserable at Best, Anywhere But Here5
My Friends Over You, Selfless5
Decode, Still Into You5
A Boy Brushed Red...Living in Black and White, To Whom it May Concern5
Can't Be Saved, Rum is for Drinking not for Burning5
Check Yes Juliet, Say You Like Me5
Never Alone, Barroom Hero5
Dear God, Hail to the King5
Digital Sea, The Artist in the Ambulance5

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