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QUIZ: Can you name the Words Ending with -ling?

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a young goose
city near which the Battle of Bannockburn was fought in 1314
game linking Kingpin and The Big Lebowski
a slight hint or indication
US scientist Linus ______
former Austrian currency
Rod Stewart's best-selling single in the UK
cooling your feet in the sea
pastime involving underground exploration
19th century gun inventor Richard ______
'America's Oldest Brewery', known for its lagers
a sister or brother
1965 movie starring Dirk Bogarde and Julie Christie
a child secretly exchanged for another
a bird which is too young to fly
sport in which tournaments are called 'bonspiels'
a one-night-stand or brief affair
roasted pork rind
gin cocktail invented at the Raffles Hotel
multiplying threefold
1982 hit for Marvin Gaye
aromatic German wine grape
Rolling Stones song '______ Dice'
blocking admission of an applicant to an organisation

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