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slang for a young professional
famous institution in New Haven, CT
Russian name equivalent to Eugene
happening every 12 months
formerly, a volunteer force of soldiers
expression of affirmative achievement
Ron ____, former Vikings football star
Frank _____, first best-selling African American novelist
Australian name for a crayfish
in a pleading, longing fashion
prone to barking (or talking too much)
to habitually agree
suffering from framboesia
film in which James Cagney played a vaudeville star
fruit developed by BM Young
UK company known for soaps and fragrances
worn by the previous stage winner in the Tour de France
1969 hit for Stevie Wonder
English soccer team nicknamed The Minstermen
correct way of signing off a letter to a specific person
period of Chinese history between approx 1600 and 1050 BC
Tom and William ______, baseball team owners
frothing, fermenting
_____ Butler, US actress
Song on the UK but not US release of The Beatles' Help!
Song on both the UK and US release of Help!

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