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Can you name the Harry Potter books to which each of the following quotes belong?

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Forced Order
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'Dumbledore's man through and through, aren't you, Potter?'
'I don' ever want ter go back ter Azkaban.'
'Griphook,' Harry said. 'I'll speak to Griphook first.'
Harry leapt into the air; he'd trodden on something big and squashy on the doormat - something alive!
'Always,' said Snape.
'Why do they have to move in packs?' Harry asked Ron as a dozen or so girls walked past them, sniggering and staring at Harry.
'We'll see each other again,' he said. 'You are - truly your father's son, Harry....'
'You returned to me, not out of loyalty, but out of fear of your old friends. You deserve this pain, Wormtail. You know that, don't you?'
So this was what it felt like, being Goyle.
'Kreacher saw him coming out of Kreacher's cupboard with his hands full of Kreacher's treasures.'
'I want to hear you're training hard, Potter, or I may change my mind about punishing you.'
'You have done the right thing. The minister is very pleased with you. He'll be telling your mother what a good girl you've been.'
Send date of next Hogsmeade weekend by return owl.
'Nasty temper he's got, that Sirius Black.'
'It's about the You-Know-What in vault seven hundred and thirteen.'
'Been kissing Pigwidgeon, have you? Or have you got a picture of Auntie Muriel stashed under your pillow?'
'A couple of people?' said Harry hoarsely to Hermione. 'A couple of people?'
'Slytherin's!' yelled Gaunt. 'Salazar Slytherin's! We're his last living descendants, what do you say to that, eh?'
'This boy needs rest, he's got thirty-three bones to regrow! Out! OUT!'
'I've b-been here sixteen years! H-Hogwarts is m-my h-home!'

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