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Krishna & Rama are both considered avatars of this Hindu GodWorld Religion
As an adjective, it means 'timely'; in the theater, it's to supply an actor with a lineTheatrical Terms
Logically, it's the middle book of Dante's 'Divine Comedy'World Literature
This Scottish-born chef is known for his TV rants at weaker restaurateursCable TV Personalities
Karen Blixen wrote 'Out of Africa' under this nameWriters
The House of Representatives has this many membersCongress
Cecelia Bartoli has unearthed & sung several forgotten arias by this 'Four Seasons' composerVocal Music
In 1620 it sailed west from Southampton with Christopher Jones as captainTransportation
Hit the bull's-eye & name this discount retail store first opened by the Dayton Co. in 1962Retail
'Bush at War,' 'Plan of Attack,' & 'State of Denial' are books by this famed journalistBooks by Reporters
She's the fabled tale teller in 'The Thousand & One Nights'Tale Tellers
Born a slave, she helped free others & was the first black woman on a U.S. postage stampAfrican Americans
In 2008 she played Daisy, the lifelong friend of Benjamin ButtonActresses
Atomic number 98, this radioactive element is the only one named after a U.S. stateChemical Elements
This flavor was invented in 1929 & named in part to reflect the difficult economic times aheadIce Cream
The intestinal tract of these insects, aka white ants, can break down celluloseBiology
He was president during the War of 1812U.S. Presidents
This language was invented in Warsaw in 1887 by Dr. L.L. ZamenhofSpeaking in Toungues
In 1903, with presidential permission, Morris Michtom began marketing these toysToys
He occupied a chair over which the 'Sword of' him was suspended by a single threadMythology
The Oregon Trail & Pony Express Route both passed by Casper in this stateU.S. Cities
In a 2008 revival of this show, the Sharks sing in SpanishTheater
It completes the line 'Shall I compare thee to...'Shakespeare
His 'Murderers in the Rue Morgue' is considered by many to be the world's first detective storyLiterary Firsts
Mozart's last & perhaps most powerful symphony shares its name with this planetSymphonies
Half ____ AlaskaFill in the ____
This term for a person who works for various employers comes from knights who sold their skillsWord Origins
Topsy and Simon Legree are both characters in this bestselling novelWhat a Character
Attorney-client benefit (9 letters)Crossword Clues 'P'
An arm bone, or an adjective meaning 'funny'Homophones
9 teaspoons equals this many tablespoonsMeasure It
This Frenchman lent his name to an early form of photographyPhotography
Smaller than only Greenland, it's the world's second-largest islandIslands
During the Sui Dynasty it was repaired 7 times to defend against the TujueAsia
Now named to the Cabinet, Steven Chu won a Nobel for capturing atoms with these light beamsScientists
Latin term for the moon's 'seas'; the largest is about 750 miles wideThe Moon
A No.1 bestseller in 2008 wsa this female mystery author's 'Scarpetta'Recent Bestsellers
This 14,700-foot peak in the Swiss Alps is famous for its shape and the danger of ascending itMountain High
In Latin, the name of this country means 'Place of Freedom'Africa
Nicholas II was the last ruling czar of this royal familyDynasty
The 'young pretender' to the British throne in the 1740s was also known as Bonnie Prince thisHistoric Brits
In 'Great Expectations,' this aged lady still wears her wedding dressLiterary Characters
It's the smallest & easternmost of the Great LakesBodies of Water
In the 2007-'08 season, this Cleveland Cavalier turned 23 & averaged 30 points a gameSports Stars
Regarding this device, Archimedes said, 'Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth'Physics
Sculptures that once adorned the Parthenon are known as these, after a British LordSculpture
John the Baptist's ministry took place in the region around this riverNew Testament Geography
Just one radio advertising songRhyme Time
This Midwest state is the only one whose 2-letter postal abbreviation is a prepositionPostal Abbreviations
This singer renamed herself 'Sasha Fierce' for a 2008 double albumSingers

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