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Whose famous trial was Robert Kardashian involved in after he divorced Kris?
How many children is bruce the biological father of?
How many athletes has Kim dated since Keeping Up With the Kardashians first aired?
Kris, Bruce, Kendall, and Kylie, all live in a beautiful home located where?
Scott is originally from New York, where in NY do his parents live?
Which Kardsahian sister has breast implants?
What is Scott and Kourtney's son Mason's middle name?
Who is Khloe's best friend who was also her assisstant for a while?
Who of the four Kardashian siblings is currently single?
What is the name of the personal trainer that Kris had for one episode? (Khloe thought his name was sexy)
Bruce was super mad when he had to watch TV to find out that Khloe was?
Khloe was arrested and sent to jail for what?
How many kids do Bruce and Kris have altogether? (not necessarily with each other)
What celebrity was Kim friends with that helped her get noticed by the paparazzi?
Kim decided to pose nude for Playboy but only if she was tastefully covered in what?

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