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Forced Order
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What colour belt is 3rd kyu?
What is the term used for basics?
what is the japanese word for fighting?
What is anohter name for 1st Dan?
How many kyu grade belts are there?
What is the japanese word for a foot sweep?
What does karate mean?
What is the name of the uniform?
japanese word for the face?
Japanese word for snap?
Which kata is learnt at 7th kyu/yellow belt?
What does shiro mean?
What do you have to do as you enter/leave the dojo?
What is the teacher called?
What is the japanese word for inside block?
What does Empi uke mean
What is the name of a front kick?
What does Yame mean?
What colour belt are you when you learn heian godan?
Why do people learn karate?

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