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Assault RifleUnlocked Lv 4
Assault RifleThree Shot Burst/Unlocked Lv 4
Assault RifleUnlocked Lv 8
Assault RifleUnlocked Lv 20
Assault RifleSemi-Automatic/Unlocked Lv 28
Assault RifleThree Shot Burst/Unlocked Lv 40
Assault RifleUnlocked Lv 48
Assault RifleUnlocked Lv 60
Assault RifleUnlocked Lv 70
SubMachine GunUnlocked Lv 4
SubMachine GunUnlocked Lv 4
SubMachine GunUnlocked Lv 12
SubMachine GunUnlocked Lv 24
SubMachine GunUnlocked Lv 44
LightMachine GunUnlocked Lv 4
LightMachine GunUnlocked Lv 4
LightMachine GunUnlocked Lv16
LightMachine GunUnlocked Lv 32
LightMachine GunUnlocked Lv 52
Sniper RifleBolt-Action/Unlocked Lv 4
Sniper RifleUnlocked Lv 4
Sniper RifleUnlocked Lv 36
Sniper RifleUnlocked Lv 56
Other Primary WeaponUnlocked Lv 4
Machine PistolUnlocked Lv 4
Machine PistolUnlocked Lv 22
Machine PistolThree Shot Burst/Unlocked Lv 38
Machine PistolUnlocked Lv 58
ShotgunSemi-Automatic/Unlocked Lv 4
ShotgunFully Automatic/Unlocked Lv 18
ShotgunSemi-Automatic/Unlocked Lv 34
ShotgunDouble Barrel/Unlocked Lv 42
ShotgunSemi-Automatic/Unlocked Lv 54
ShotgunLever Action/Unlocked Lv 67
HandgunUnlocked Lv 4
HandgunUnlocked Lv 26
HandgunUnlocked Lv 46
HandgunUnlocked Lv 62
LauncherUnlocked Lv 4
LauncherUnlocked Lv 14
LauncherUnlocked Lv 30
LauncherUnlocked Lv 50
LauncherUnlocked Lv 65
EquipmentUnlocked Lv 4
EquipmentUnlocked Lv 4
EquipmentUnlocked Lv 7
EquipmentUnlocked Lv 11
EquipmentUnlocked Lv 19
EquipmentUnlocked Lv 31
EquipmentUnlocked Lv 43
Special GrenadeGray Canister
Special GrenadeYellow Canister
Special GrenadeBlue Canister
AttachmentUnderbarrel Explosive Attachment
AttachmentUnderbarrel Attachment
AttachmentFaster Firing Rate
AttachmentDual Weapons
AttachmentIncreased Accuracy
AttachmentOptic Scope
AttachmentOptic Scope with Greater Peripheral Vision
AttachmentShots don't Appear on Radar
AttachmentDetects Closeby Enemies
AttachmentIncreased Zoom
AttachmentShows Enemies as White
AttachmentIncreased Bullet Penetration
AttachmentIncreased Magazine Size
AttachmentPistols Only
Camoflauge5 Headshots
Camoflauge15 Headshots
Camoflauge30 Headshots
Camoflauge75 Headshots
Camoflauge150 Headshots
Camoflauge250 Headshots
Blue PerkUnlimited Sprint - Get Over Obstacles Faster
Blue PerkReload Faster - Faster ADS
Blue PerkResupply from Enemies - Extra Ammo
Blue Perk2 Attachments(Primary) - 2 Attachments(Secondary)
Blue PerkSwapping of Classes
Red PerkExtra Bullet Damage - Extra Damage Towards Vehicles
Red PerkMove Faster - Quick Aim after Sprinting
Red PerkKillstreaks/Deathstreaks Require 1 Less Kill
Red PerkUndetectable by Killstreaks - No Red Crosshairs
Red PerkIncreased Explosive Damage - Increased Air Support Damage
Yellow PerkIncreased Melee Distance - No Falling Damage
Yellow PerkIncreased Hip-Fire Accuracy - Longer Hold Breath
Yellow PerkJam Enemy Radar- Delay Enemy Claymores
Yellow PerkInvisible to Heartbeat Sensors - Silent Movement
Yellow PerkShows Enemy Equipment - Louder Enemy Footsteps
Yellow PerkDrop to Ground & Pull out Pistol
Death Streak4 Deaths
Death Streak3 Deaths
Death Streak4 Deaths
Death Streak4 Deaths
Kill Streak3 Kills
Kill Streak4 Kills
Kill Streak4 Kills
Kill Streak5 Kills
Kill Streak5 Kills
Kill Streak6 Kills
Kill Streak7 Kills
Kill Streak7 Kills
Kill Streak8 Kills
Kill Streak9 Kills
Kill Streak9 Kills
Kill Streak11 Kills
Kill Streak11 Kills
Kill Streak15 Kills
Kill Streak25 Kills
Multiplayer MapOpen Desert with Crashed Plane
Multiplayer MapLarge Snow Map with Trainwreck
Multiplayer MapCabin in the Woods
Multiplayer MapBrazilian Slums
Multiplayer MapRooftop Highrises with Helicopter
Multiplayer MapCity in Desert
Multiplayer MapRavaged Desert Town with Rooftop Fighting
Multiplayer MapMap where Stone is Mined
Multiplayer MapVillage in Brazil with Dried out River
Multiplayer MapSmall Desert Sandstorm
Multiplayer MapAirplane Graveyard
Multiplayer MapUrban Apartment Fighting
Multiplayer MapSnowy Submarine Base
Multiplayer MapAirport
Multiplayer MapRainy Village
Multiplayer MapOpen Field
Multiplayer Map (Stimulus)US Apartments and Parking Lots
Multiplayer Map (Stimulus)COD4 Map - Desert City with Crashed Helicopter
Multiplayer Map (Stimulus)COD4 Map - Wide Open Map with Heavy Vegetation
Multiplayer Map (Stimulus)Snowy Junkyard
Multiplayer Map (Stimulus)Inside and Outside a Large Warehouse
Multiplayer Map (Resurgence)Desolated Amusement Park
Multiplayer Map (Resurgence)Large Oil Refinery
Multiplayer Map (Resurgence)COD4 - Desert Town with Giant Statue
Multiplayer Map (Resurgence)Small Mobile Home Park
Multiplayer Map (Resurgence)COD4 - Inside/Outside of Abandoned Offices
Game ModeTwo Teams Play to 75 Kills
Game ModeCapture 3 Flags (A,B,C) play to 200 points
Game ModeNo Respawns; Try to Plant or Defuse the Bomb
Game ModeOne 20 minute Round to Plant/Defuse Bomb
Game ModeTwo Bombsites Plus Everyone on 1 Team has a Bomb
Game ModeEvery Player for Themselves
Game ModeTeams Atempt to Capture Opposing Flag; 2 Rounds

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