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1976'John Adams: Diplomat'
1976'Episode 1'
1977'Episode 1'
1977'Henry Adams: Historian'
1977'Episode 3'
1977'Prairie Woman'
1977'Part 1'
1978'The Emperor's Quasi Norms, Part 2'
1978'Part 3'
1978'Anschluss '77'
1979'The Third Annual Shotz Talent Show'
1980'Tony Randall and Hervé Villechaize'
1980'Flight of the War Witch, Part 2'
1980'Tattoo: The Love God/Magnolia Blossom'
1980'Starbuck's Last Journey'
1980'Beverly Sills'
1981'Part 5'
1981'Part 3'
1981'The Dorian Secret'
1981'Part 4'
1982'Part 3'
1982'Brenda Lee and Paul Williams'
1982'Home and Abroad'
1982'La Liberatora/Mr. Nobody'
1982'Andy Gibb and Marilyn McCoo'
1983'Dungeon of Death'
1983'La Mirage'
1983'Town and Gown'
1983'Wedding, Part II'
1983'Nakajima Kill'
1984'The Wedding'
1984'Mama's Birthday'
1985'Swan Song'
1985'Royal Wedding'
1985'The Dick and Tracy'
1985'No Exit'
1986'Widow, Weep for Me'
1986'Blast from the Past'
1986'The Vendetta'
1986'Nice and Easy'
1986'The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice'
1987'Atomic Shakespeare'
1987'Oh Suzannah'
1987'The Love Letter'
1987'Magnum on Ice'
1987'Jingle Bell Rock Bottom'
1988'The Big Goodbye'
1988'The Alchemist'
1988'Frank Returns'
1988'Here's Living with You, Kid'
1988'A Fashionable Way to Die'
1989'The Outsiders'
1989'Come on and Marry Me, Bill'
1989'Soul Man'
1989'Elementary, Dear Data'
1989'Birthday Boy'
1990'Though Lovers Be Lost'
1990'The Rowdy Girls'
1990'Brown Like Me'
1990'Sea Bride'
1991'Eldin Imitates Life'
1991'Episode Six'
1991'Keep the Home Fires Burning'
1991'Glitter Rock - April 12, 1974'
1991'Devil's Due'
1992'Cost of Living'
1992'War of the Worlds'
1992'The Slightest Distance'
1992'What's Up Bugsy'
1992'A Single Drop of Rain'
1993'Time's Arrow, Part II'
1993'Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920'
1993'The Third Man'
1993'Lee Harvey Oswald'
1994'Episode 1'
1994'Where the Heart Is, Part I & II'
1994'All Good Things...'
1994'Well Cooked Hams'
1994'Paris, 1919'
1995'Strictly Melodrama'
1995'As the World Turns to Crap'
1995'Scales of Justice'
1996'Hillary Booth Registered Nurse'
1996'When a Child Is Born, Part I'
1996'What a Tangled Web We Weave'
1996'Don't Go to Springfield'
1996'The Muse'
1997'A Nightmare on Dick Street'
1997'New York and Queens'
1997'The Diva That Wouldn't Die'
1997'Woman of Importance'
1997'Third Aunt from the Sun'
1997'False Profits'
1998'Working Girls'
1998'36! 24! 36! Dick!'
1998'From the Pen of Gertrude Reece'
1998'Far Beyond the Stars'
1999'That Disco Episode'
1999'Making Spirits Bright'
1999'The One with All the Thanksgivings'
1999'The Follies of WENN'
2000'Syd in Wonderland'
2000'It's Not About the Butter, Part I & II'
2000'La Douleur Exquise!'
2000'The State Dinner'
2001'Mob Scene'
2001'Sex and Another City'
2001'Proshai, Livushka'
2001'Lows in the Mid-Eighties'
2002'Defining Moments'
2002'Truth Be Told'
2002'Into the Lion's Den: Lambs to the Slaughter'
2002'Back to the Garden'
2002'That '70s Musical'
2002'A Movable Feast'
2003'Where the Boys Are'
2003'Phase One'
2003'I Love a Charade'
2003'Tears, Bones and Desire'
2003'Ramble On'
2004'Mr. Wu'
2004'An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux'
2004'Rat Pack'
2004'Do You Think It's Alright?'
2005'Boy the Earth Talks To'
2005'The Road to Damascus'
2005'Suspicious Minds'
2005'Grinding the Corn'
2006'Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II'
2006'Everybody Hates the Pilot'
2006'Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request...'
2007'Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey!'
2007'Amateur Night'
2007'Getting Married Today'
2007'De Patre Vostro (About Your Father)'
2007'I'm Coming Out'
2008'Tears of Blood'
2008'In Buddy's Eyes'
2008'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes'
2008'Bananas for Betty'
2009'Meditations in an Emergency'
2009'Protestant Anne of Cleves'
2009'In the Stars'
2010'As It Should Be'
2010'I Do Do'
2010'The Power of Madonna'
2011'Lucrezia's Wedding'
2011'The Pointy End'
2011'New York City'
2011'The Beautiful Girls'
2012'The Prince of Winterfell'
2012'The Confession'
2012'Episode One'
2012'Hat Trick'
2013'The Gunpowder Plot'
2013'Episode Four'
2013'Walk of Punishment'
2013'Queen of Hearts'
2014'The Lion and the Rose'
2014'New York Sour'
2014'Episode Eight'
2014'Time Zones'
2014'A Curious Thing'
2015 Contemporary'Symbolic Exemplar'
2015 Contemporary'Pilot'
2015 Contemporary'The Lyon's Roar'
2015 Contemporary'Under the Knife'
2015 Contemporary'San Francisco Bae'
2015 Contemporary'Incoming Tide'
2015 Period/Fantasy'Monsters Among Us'
2015 Period/Fantasy'Golden Days for Boys and Girls'
2015 Period/Fantasy'A Moorland Holiday'
2015 Period/Fantasy'The Dance of Dragons'
2015 Period/Fantasy'Anna Regina'
2016 Contemporary'Chutes and Ladders'
2016 Contemporary'Past Is Prologue'
2016 Contemporary'End'
2016 Contemporary'The Party'
2016 Contemporary'Kina Hora'
2016 Period/Fantasy'The Winds of Winter'
2016 Period/Fantasy'Episode Eight'
2016 Period/Fantasy'Not in Scotland Anymore'
2016 Period/Fantasy'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia'
2016 Period/Fantasy'Night One'
2017 Contemporary'You Get What You Give'
2017 Contemporary'Light in Darkness'
2017 Contemporary'The Art Show'
2017 Contemporary'Chapter 61'
2017 Contemporary'To Sardines and Back'
2017 Period/Fantasy'Wolferton Splash'
2017 Period/Fantasy'And the Winner Is... (The Oscars of 1963)'
2017 Period/Fantasy'Einstein: Chapter Seven'
2017 Period/Fantasy'Offred'
2017 Period/Fantasy'The Original'

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