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Can you name the Times they said 'Doctor Who' in Doctor Who?

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Charles II: 'Where's the Doctor?' Matilda: 'Doctor Who?' ?
Sally: 'The Doctor' Larry: 'Who's the Doctor?' Sally: 'He's the Doctor' Doctor: 'Yup. That's me.'?
Jackie: 'What d'you mean, 'That's the Doctor'? Doctor who?'?
Agent Delaware: 'Doctor who, exactly?'?
Doctor: 'Doctor Who? Doctor Who? Doctor Who?'?
Doctor: 'Sorry, did you say she killed the Doctor? The Doctor? Doctor Who?'?
Rose: 'What was I supposed to say? You don't have a name! Don't you ever get tired of 'Doctor'? Doctor who?'?
Madame de Pompadour: 'Doctor who? It's more than just a secret'?
Dorium: 'The first question! The question that must never be answered, hidden in plain sight! The question you've been running from your whole life! Doctor Who? Doctor Who? Doc...t
Doctor: 'The Doctor' Rosita: 'The Doctor? Doctor who?'?
The Doctor: 'Just go in there, and tell her the Doctor would like to see her.' Idris: 'Doctor who?' The Doctor: 'Just the Doctor. Tell her exactly that. The Doctor.'?
Daleks: 'Doctor Who? Doctor Who? Doctor Who?'?

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