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Can you name the 51 characters from Spongebob Sqaurepants?

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Info About the CharacterName
Main Character
BFF of Spongbob
Cashier at Krusty Krab
Owner of Krusty Krab
Pet of Spongbob
Attempts to Steal Krabby Patty Secret Formula
Boating School Instructor
Daughter of Mr. Krabs
Super Hero
Side Kick
Ghost who Haunts Bikini Bottom
Ripped Bodybuilder
Very Rich, Squidwards Nemisis
In Every Episode
Real Pirate
Real Parrot
Computer Wife
King of Bikini Bottom
Sings Theme Song
Mermaid Mans Enemy
Mermaid Mans Enemy
Attempted to Kick Spongbobs Butt
Mr. Krabs Neighbor
Mr. Krabs Mom
Spongebobs Dad
Spongebobs Mom
Spongebobs Grandma
Spongbobs Grandpa
Spongebobs cousin
Spongebobs 'buddy'
Patricks Dad
Patricks Mom
Surfer Fish, Bubble Buddy Responsible for his Death
Leader of JellySpotters
Pet of Sandy... Terrorized Bikini Bottom
He was #1
Bouncer of Salty Spatoon
Former Krusty Krab Fry Cook
Replacement of Gary
Real Live Snail, Replacement of Gary
Patricks 'Pet Snail'
Eats Spongebobs House
Drawing That Comes to Life
Didn't Show Up, So Squidward Impersonated Him
King of Jellyfish Fields
Spongebob and Patrick Catch them for Fun
Robot Krabs
When they talk they say 'beep beep'
King Neptunes Daughter
Baywatch Star, Helps Spongebob and Patrick

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