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YearsCapitalGeorgraphic entity
1861-1863Territory of Dakota
1849-PresentTerritory, State of Minnesota
1776-1853State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
1836-1837Territory of Wisconsin
1863-1865State of Louisiana
1808-1906Russian Colony, Department, District of Alaska
1800-PresentUnited States of America
1800-1816Territory Northwest of the Ohio River, Territory of Indiana, State of Ohio
1821-1826State of Missouri
1795-1796Republic of Hawaii
1855Territory of Kansas
1790-1791Territory South of the Ohio River
1868-PresentState of Georgia
1800-1813Territory of Indiana
1852-1853State of California
1812-1817, 1826-PresentState of Tennessee
1836Republic of Texas
1634-1694English Proprietary Colony of Maryland
1862Territory of Colorado
1670-1786English, British Colony of Carolina, South Carolina, State of South Carolina
1777Republic of Vermont
1850-1858Territory of Utah
1826-PresentState of Missouri
1882-PresentChoctaw Nation
1849-1850, 1858-PresentState of Deseret, Territory, State of Utah
1807-1864, 1865-1868State of Georgia
1777-1850Spanish Virreinato de la Nueva Espana Colonies de las Californias, Province de Alta California, Mexican Province of Alta California, US Military Gov't, Provisional Gov't of California
1564-1565French Colony of La Caroline
1809-1820Territory, State of Illinois
1786-PresentState of South Carolina
1864-1867, 1877-1889Territory of Arizona
1864, 1865State of Georgia
~1785State of Franklin
1763-1824British Colony of West Florida, Spanish Colony of Florida Occidental
1770-1777Spanish Virreinato de la Nueva Espana Colonies de las Californias
1825-PresentState of Indiana
1655-1688, 1689-1797Netherlands Colony, military Gov't, of Nieuw Nederland, English Colony, State of New York
1859, 1861, 1867-PresentTerritory of Jefferson, Territory, State of Colorado
1841-1857Territory, State of Iowa
1636-1639, 1663-1686, 1689-PresentEnglish Colony, State of Providence, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations,
1853-1854State of California
1826-1846State of Alabama
1877-1805Republic of New Connecticut, Vermont Republic, State of Vermont
1838-PresentTerritory, State of Wisconsin
1619-1698English Colony of Virginia
1865-PresentTerritory and State of Idaho
1813-1825Territory, State of Indiana
1733-1778, 1782, 1784-1786British Proprietary Colony of Georgia, British Province, State of Georgia
1872-PresentOsage Nation
1849-1862, 1880-PresentState of Louisiana
1777, 1799-1812Capital of the USA, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
1851-1855, 1855-PresentTerritory, State of Oregon
1789-1794State of North Carolina
1866-PresentSeminole Nation of Oklahoma
1712-1789British Colony, State of North Carolina
1819-1820State of Alabama
1850-1852State of California
1792-PresentCommonwealth of1784-Pre Kentucky
1796-1804State of Georgia
1810Republic of West Florida
1836Republic of Texas
1862-1863State of Louisiana
1856-PresentTerritory, State of Kansas
1875-PresentTerritory, State of Montana
YearsCapitalGeorgraphic entity
1827-PresentState of Maine
1838-PresentCherokee Nation
1796-1803Republic of Hawaii
1638-1655Swedish colony of Nyu Sverige
1867-PresentTerritory, State of Nebraska
1889-1910Territory, State of Oklahoma
1855-1855Territory of Oregon
1833-1836Mexican Province of Coahuilla y Tejas
1910-PresentState of Oklahoma
1704-1777English, British Lower Counties on the Delaware, State of Delaware
1775-1808Revolutionary War Gov't., State of New Hampshire
1680-1692Spanish Colony of Santa Fe de New Mexico (Pueblo Revolt)
1848-Provisional Govt, Territory, State of New Mexico
1883-PresentTerritory of Dakota, State of North Dakota
1863-1865Territory of Idaho
1862-1865Confederate Territory of Arizona (in exile)
1877Republic of New Connecticut
1870-1875, 1885-PresentState of Virginia
1776-1899State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
1836Republic of Texas
1860-1861, 1862-1867Territory of Jefferson, Territory of Colorado
~1784State of Franklin
1807State of Tennessee
1702-1720French colony of la Louisiane
1854-1861Territory of Nebraska
1605-1630French colony of l'Acadie
1812-PresentCommonwealth of Pennsylvania
1720-1722French colony of la Louisiane
1889-PresentState of South Dakota
1780-1781State of Georgia
1630-PresentEnglish, British Colony, Province of Massachusetts Bay, English Dominion of New-England in America, State of Massachusetts Bay, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
1839-PresentRepublic, State of Texas
1855-PresentChickasaw Nation
1863-1865Confederate State of Arkansas
1777-1788State of New York
1818-1826State of Tennessee
1565-1763Spanish Colony of Florida, Florida Oriental, British Colony of East Florida,
1861-1862Confederate State of Kentucky
1808-PresentState of New Hampshire
1846-PresentState of Alabama
1906-PresentDistrict, Territory, State of Alaska
1780-PresentConfederate States of America, Commonwealth of Virginia
1791-presentState of Vermont
1865Confederate States of America
1777-PresentState of Delaware
1777-1791Republic of Vermont
1863-1865Confederate State of Missouri
1630-1663English Colony of Aquidneck Island, English Colony of Rhode Island
1820-1826State of Alabama
1604-1605French colony of l'Acadie
1812-1820Republic of Hawaii
1864-1865Territory of Montana
1861Confederate States of America
1820-1832State of Maine
1689-1775English, British Province of New Hampshire
1861-1863Confederate State of Missouri
1729-1772Spanish Colony of Tejas
1803-1812, 1845-PresentRepublic, Provisional Gov't, Territory and State of Hawaii
1836Republic of Texas
1837-1839Republic of Texas
1820-1839State of Illinois
1682-1799English, British Proprietary, Colony, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Capital of the USA
1784-TrentonState of New Jersey
1846California Republic
YearsCapitalGeorgraphic entity
1665-1673English Colony of New Jersey
1794-PresentState of North Carolina
1817-1819Territory of Alabama
1821-PresentState of Mississippi
1853-PresentTerritory, State of Washington
1820-1845Republic of Hawaii
1821-1863, 1865-PresentTerritory of Arkansaw, State of Arkansas
1772-1824Spanish Colony of Tejas
1843-1851Oregon Country and Territory of Oregon
1810-1812State of Ohio
1673-1688, 1689-1784English, British Colony of East Jersey, New Jersey, State of New Jersey
1867-PresentCreek Nation
1863-1865(Union) Commonwealth of Virginia
1864Territory of Arizona
1824-PresentTerritory, State of Florida
1778-1780, 1781-1782, 1786-1796State of Georgia
1847-PresentState of Michigan
1841-1843Oregon Country
1610-1680, 1692-1862, 1912-PresentSpanish Colony, Mexican Province, Territory of Santa Fe de New Mexico, State of New Mexico
1832-1835Republic of Indian Stream
1849-1854, Territory of Minnesota
1799-1803State of Muscogee
1598-1610Spanish Colony of Santa Fe de New Mexico
1865-1875Territory of Montana
1776-1853State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
1857-PresentState of Iowa
1836Republic of Texas
1825-1843Oregon Country
1862-1865Confederate Territory of Arizona
1824-1833Mexican Province of Coahuilla y Tejas
1816-PresentState of Ohio
1625-1688, 1689-1776, 1785-1788, 1789-1790, Netherlands Colony/Province of Nieuw-Netherland, English Colony of New York, United States of America
1856Territory of Kansas
1861-1870, 1875-1885(Union) Commonwealth of Virginia, State of West Virginia
1805-1837Territory of Michigan, State of Michigan
1640-1686, 1701-1875English Colony of New-Haven, English Colony, British Colony, State of Connecticut
1830-PresentState of Illinois
1698-1780English, British Colony, Commonwealth of Virginia
1867-1877Territory of Arizona
1788-1800Territory Northwest of the Ohio River
1765-1821Spanish district of Alta Louisiana, French district of Haute-Louisiane, Territory of Louisiana, Territory of Missouri
1694-PresentEnglish, British Province of Maryland, State of Maryland, Capital of the USA
1722-1830, 1831-1849, 1865-1880French colony of la Louisiane, Spanish district of Baja Louisiana, French district of la Basse-Louisiane, State of Louisiana
1855-1856Territory of Kansas
1837-1841Territory of Wisconsin, Territory of Iowa
1869-PresentTerritory, State of Wyoming
1889-PresentTerritory, State of Arizona
1620-1630, 1688-1692English Colony of New-Plimouth
1782-1784State of Georgia
1777-1788State of New York
1819-1821Territory of Arkansaw
1798-1802, 1817-1821Territory, State of Mississippi
1673-1688, 1689-1784English, British Colony of West Jersey, New Jersey, State of New Jersey
1854-PresentState of California
1777-1788State of New York
1791-1807, 1807-1812, 1817-1818Territory South of the Ohio River, State of Tennessee
1686-1689English Dominion of New England in America
1802-1817Territory of Mississippi
1830-1831State of Louisiana
1776-1853State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
1639-1640, 1689-PresentEnglish Colony, British Colony, State of Connecticut
1788-PresentState of New York

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