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ActorsTitleYear of Premier
Dabney Coleman as talk show host in upstate New York1983
Lance Kerwin was before his time in this teen angst drama1977
Bill Cosby voices this animated hit - Hey Hey Hey1972
Tom Cavanaugh returns to his small town home.2000
Zachary Levi is an unwilling spy.2007
Michael C Hall is a serial comedian.2006
Scott Baio is the boss of the family1984
Ed Asner leaves Mary and manages a newsroom in Los Angeles1977
Bob Denver gets shipwrecked.1964
Frankie Muniz is the center child in this disfunctional but loving family.2000
ActorsTitleYear of Premier
Harry Anderson as the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist.1993
Jason Lee makes amends.2005
Carroll O'Connor's sequel after Edith left the show.1979
Herschel Bernardi deals with the generation gap in his family.1970
Fess Parker as the frontier man.1964
Clint Howard and his kindly bear.1967
Judd Hirsch's wife leaves him1988
Dwayne Hickman and Bob Denver explore life and love.1959
Kelsey Grammer returns to Seattle.1993
David Janssen as investigator with Mary Tyler Moore's legs.1957

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