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Artificial Flowers, The Picture of Happiness, How the Money Changes HandsBeef or Pork - I like this cut of meat
Brand New World, The Sound of Love, In AmericaWhat you use to wash your car
There She Is, Barrett's Song, StillKate and Leo weren't in this one
If I Were a Man, Paris Makes Me Horny, Almost a Love SongJulie Andrews dresses up guy-like
Twenty Miles from Marietta, All the Wasted Time, The Old Red Hills of HomeLike Macy's Thanksgiving Day
Follow your Heart, Run Freedom Run, I See a RiverA whole city of pee
You Must Meet my Wife, The Miller's Son, Every Day a Little DeathSmall songs in the late evening
That's for Me, More than Just a Friend, Next Time it HappensAnnual Blue Ribbon Cow contest happens here
Open Your Heart, Unsuspecting Hearts, Out for BloodStephen King Classic
Politics and Poker, Gentleman Jimmy, Little Tin BoxNew York Mayor
Atlantic City, Goodbye My Love, Back to BeforeE.L. Doctrow Classic
Tell Me on a Sunday, Take That Look Off Your Face, Unexpected SongGene Kelly was one of these men
Marry Me Now, Without You, Give a Man Enough RopeFolksy philosopher meets Ziegfeld
Gun Song, Unworthy of Your Love, Another National AnthemPresident Killers
Starting from the Bottom, Can This Be Love, That Thing I Can't Seem to ForgetWhat you pay when you get a ticket and a fancy dressed dude

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