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QUIZ: Name the Movies by Character and their Assumed Identity?

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Character / Assumed Identity...MoviePlayed by...
Connie Doyle / Mrs Patricia (Title Character) (1996)Ricki Lake
Catcher Block / Zip Martin (2003)Ewan McGregor
Daniel Hilliard / (Title Character) (1993)Robin Williams
(Title Character) / Sylvester (1935)Katharine Hepburn
Clark Kent / Superman (2013)Henry Cavill
Janet Colgate / The Jackal (1988)Glenne Headly
Sir Percy Blakeney / (Title Character) (1934)Leslie Howard
(Title Character) Kovic / President Bill Mitchell (1993)Kevin Kline
Teena Brandon / Brandon Teena (1999)Hilary Swank
(Title Character) Grant / Count (Title Character) Grazinski (1982)Julie Andrews
Character / Assumed Identity...MoviePlayed by...
Harvey Dent / Two-Face (1995)Tommy Lee Jones
Alonso Quijana / Don Quixote (1972)Peter O'Toole
Frank Abagnale, Jr. / Frank Williams (2002)Leonardo DiCaprio
Brad Allen / Rex Stetson (1959)Rock Hudson
Joe and Jerry / Josephine and Daphne (1959)Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon
Deloris Van Cartier / Mary Clarence (1992)Whoopi Goldberg
(Title Character) Mendel / Anshel Mendel (1983)Barbra Streisand
Malcolm Turner / Hattie Mae Pierce (2000)Martin Lawrence
Stanley Ipkiss / (Title Character) (1994)Jim Carrey
Joe Pendleton / Leo Farnsworth (1978)Warren Beatty

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