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Can you name the TV Shows with Single Dads or Guardians?

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ChildrenTV ShowDad's Name
Kimberly Drummond, Willis and Arnold Jackson
Jennifer Joline Drinkwater
Bud and Sandy Ricks
Adam, Hoss and Joe Cartwright
Eddie Corbett
Opie Taylor
Mike, Robbie, Chip and Ernie Douglas
George-Michael Bluth
Cissy, Buffy and Jody Davis
Anne Jamison
Maggie, Brighton and Grace Sheffield
Ephram and Delia Brown
Carol and Barbara Weston
ChildrenTV ShowDad's Name
Hal, Butch and Prudence Everett
Alexis (surname in title of this detective series)
Will and Holly Marshall
Anthony, Joey and (title character) Russo
Katie Gatling
Title Character (Detective)
Endy and Pete Karras
DJ, Stephanie and Michelle Tanner
Kelly Gregg
Frances Lawrence (but she has a nickname)
Billy, Paul and Babs (surname in title) run a department store.
Mike Jones

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